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We at Keylent offer Statement of Work (SOW) management service that intends to eradicate risk and augment returns by contractually delineating the project scope, goals, timelines, and deliverables. The Statement of Work is expected to give visibility and uniformity with any kinds of projects, milestones, timelines thus appraising the specific roles and responsibilities of respective Professionals. By incorporating this information inside a Statement of Work, it is considered that the provider is accountable for the implementation and delivery of the expected outcome or work. Each Statement of Work (SOW) will have its own specific classifications. We cannot have a one size that fits all executive solution. Keylent intends to collaborate with respective Customers to design make an individual Statement of Work (SOW).


Under a Statement of Work (SOW) management program, we will support processes associated with each phase of the Statement of Work (SOW) engagement. This includes creating competences, ensuring compliance, and promoting high service excellence. Within a managed Statement of Work (SOW) solution, we also can automate your existing our Statement of Work (SOW) and can give necessary updates to them. Collaborating as team we will oversee any issues that may arise amid the primary stages of the Statement of Work.

Benefits of SOW

Compliance with third party policies, Compliance with Government Regulation, Financial Transaction Visibilities, Financial Management, Operational Control, Reduced risks through compliance implementation, Enhanced supplier performance & Superior decision making

Keylent will create a Statement of Work for your contractual workers to fulfill your business obligations and requirements.

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