Cloud Apps


Cloud Deployment models

Public Cloud - A public cloud environment is maintained by a subcontracted cloud provider and is accessible to many business users. Private Cloud - This cloud deployment model is a customized infrastructure owned by a single business. Hybrid Cloud – This is a combination of both Public & Private Cloud implementation

Cloud Services

Software as Service – This is a web-based approach where the entire underlying Infrastructure platforms are provided by third party vendors. Infrastructure as a Service – In this category the provider manages all the infrastructure and its maintenance like actual servers, network, virtualization, and storage etc. Platform as a Service – Third Party will be providing a platform upon which we can develop and manage individual own apps without having to build the infrastructure or environment that is needed


Cost effective – As the name indicates, Cloud literally means majority of the processing power and storage is managed remotely which result in direct reduction on the cost of infrastructure. Accessibility – Global access based on User Authentication. Reliable - When applications are hosted on trusted partners they are secured, and It also ensures that your data is safely and securely backed up remotely

Keylent helps you build the right Cloud Apps which will give you all the security and benefits that are present in the current markets and we extend our complete support for maintenance as well, making us a trusted partner.

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