Case Studies Details



  • Customer is in need to export the large number of contracts from Docusign to iCertis which is very expensive and time contraints to migrate it through their professional services.
  • Mulesoft helped in this usecase to migrate the large number of contracts from SpringCM docusign to icertis.
  • Exported the metadata details for each contracts from SpringCM docusign and transformed that metadata details to the compatible with target vendors(icertis).
  • Enriched the metadata details from salesforce contracts to link between account and opportunity for the exported contracts.
  • Implemented the fine grained error handling and logger mechanism to understand the error and act accordingly and report the status to the user.
  • Implemented the web based reports to match the details/contracts between SpringCM docusign and icertis to ensure that all the contracts have exported.
  • Client: Large Insurance Company
  • Location:NYC
  • Technologies:Mulesoft  
  • Completed:Oct 2020